Consolidated Enterprise Healthcare Systems


Coordinate the consolidation of six claims systems, middleware architecture, and customer facing system portfolios and ensure seamless transitions for millions of members as they move from legacy claims & customer facing systems to strategic platforms and connections.


Establish an Agile solution team, backlog, roadmap & cadence to lead 12 service experience and digital channel product areas in a multi-year program to successfully help consolidate 6 claim systems, evolve with the product area roadmaps, streamline the data service layer, and improve business agility. By embracing change and innovation at all levels in the delivery of the roadmap, it allowed each product area to evolve their features and remove redundant technologies, while maintaining alignment & seamless connectivity throughout the journey.


Specified, coordinated & delivered more then 300 capabilities on the roadmap across enterprise release trains. Not only able to support the consolidation of 6 claim systems, but enabled a more efficient service experience portfolio, bring more features to customers, and moved away from redundancy legacy connections to use of strategic APIs. Along the way, members were being successfully migrated every month.