The Magic of FLOW

Imagine an organization in an excellent state of FLOW that enables the team members to perform at their best to deliver an efficient and consistent flow of value to its customers.

From the book, The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, readers learn about the magic the U.S. Rowing team achieved in the 1936 Olympics. All the rowers, with a great coxswain and a technologically advanced boat, worked harmoniously for each other and found what rowers call a SWING, which led to an amazing victory despite several overwhelming challenges. At that moment, the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. The outcome was what we call a “career high.”

These “career highs” result from great FLOW, where people, processes, and technology worked in a harmonized high-frequency energy that realized winning outcomes.

Successes do not need to be singular stand-out experiences that we remember and celebrate. A state of FLOW happens when people, processes, and technology are activated, aligned, and working together to achieve extraordinary results.

How are your people activated to be at their best?

Activating people…FLOW depends on assembling teams with diverse skills, required experiences, humble confidence, and shared commitment amongst all members. FLOW starts with leadership that lives and breathes the belief that the sum of the parts working together is greater than the individual parts working independently. FLOW continues when a team is supported by a collaborative culture, encouraged to experiment with new ideas, enabled to make decisions, and motivated by a joint mission.

How are you letting go of old practices and upgrading your processes?

Activating processes…FLOW is about visualizing, standardizing, automating, and providing a framework for accountability when working towards a common goal. FLOW will improve when the process is visual, challenged & redesigned based on new thinking, aligned with technical capabilities, enables repeatability & efficiency, and offer guardrails to success.

How are you maximizing the potential to deliver a faster pace of business?

Activating technology…FLOW is about scanning, identifying, and implementing new technologies to revolutionize current business models and solutions. The opportunities to redefine business FLOW have never been more possible with the advancements in technology solutions. Transform FLOW by leveraging new modernized technology solutions.

How is FLOW maximized in your business?

We are committed to unleashing outcomes by leveraging innovative possibilities when focusing on FLOW. We stop fighting currents and activate our people, processes, and technologies to make our dreams realities.

Please join us in a series of blogs to help you better understand FLOW and how unlocking this power can drive your business to new heights. We would love to talk with you about the FLOW opportunities in your business.